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lance and tracy McLean family picture
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Newfypoo newfiedoodle at six months
Newfypoo newfiedoodle at six months

We are the McLeans, a family of "animal enthusiasts".  We live on a small acreage outside of Cochrane Alberta, Canada. We have always loved animals and living on an acreage has helped instill that in our girls. We enjoy the acreage lifestyle and all that it brings to us.

About those puppies, hmm! 


Tracy and I always had pets while growing up and we believed that having a pet in  the house was just something that a family should do. When our girls were three we got our first "doodle"  pup, Rollo.  He was a Labradoodle with brown and white "tuxedo" coloring. We then got him a buddy less than a year later, Muldoon, a Polish Lowland Sheepdog.  Those were our "boys".  We then adopted Cali four years later.  She is a mix, we think Chihuaha, Whippet and Jack Russel cross.  They were awesome together.  Rollo, sadly passed away a few years ago.


Then came Ida.

After some research and travelling we were lucky enough to find Ida, a beautiful white and black Newfypoo, with black ticking that is especially noticeable when she is trimmed. We never intended on her having babies but as we got to know the breed and saw what a wonderful dog she was we thought, yes let have a litter.  




Ozzie jopined our family within a year of getting Ida.  He is a mostly black Newfypoo, with white chest and paw markings and is now developing a "Phantom" coloring on his face and lower legs. Again, we were, and still are, amazed by Ozzie and what a nice breed of dog this is.   


So fast forward to today, Ozzie and Ida are perfect mates.  They do everything together and just want to be around each other and the family.  They have produced the most beautiful Newfypoo puppies! To see the puppies go to our "PUPPIES" page and visit our "past litters and testimonials page".


Hayley is a four year old French Bulldog, who we thought would make a great playmate for Cali, but Hayley thinks she is a big dog and loves the rough and tumble play with our bigger pups.  She has a great spirit and a joyful personality. We would have never thought that adding another pup to the house could add so much entertainment to our family.  Check out the French Bulldog page to see Hayley and her Pups.

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