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Past Litters and Testimonials

We wanted to share a little about our past litters.  


On this page you will see pictures of the pups at various ages.  We have also included some comments from their owners. The one thing that we, as a family, have been so very proud of is that everyone has stated what "nice" dogs they are.  They all have kind and loving personalities.   We are so proud to have helped guide them in the few short weeks that we had them in our home.


Olive and Clover

"They are extremely affectionate and loving.  They don’t have an aggressive bone in their bodies, have never chewed or destroyed anything that isn’t theirs and are very well behaved.  We are frequently stopped and asked about them with many comments about how gorgeous and impressive they are.  We are thoroughly in love with them!"




"I’m proud of her and thrilled with her and am happy for nice people to have one of Ida’s puppies.


Ruby is an affectionate, outgoing, social girl. She’s very smart and is food motivated. Somewhat shy at first, with some confidence building and socialization with other dogs and people, she has become very friendly and always up for an adventure. Everyone is drawn to her and I am stopped in the street so people can meet her or even take pictures with her! Even the two cats in the house love her and Ruby is very gentle with them.


Thank you for this lovely pup."  




"He is hilarious and such a sweet temperament. You can see it in his face how much he cares for everyone....We think it has a lot to do with how you guys loved and handled them in the first few months too. I think that also makes a big difference.  This breed tho!!"









"We absolutely love our newfypoo Walter. Walter is our first Newfypoo and we would 100 % come back to this breeder. Walter is a kind gentle giant, he’s smart, loving and incredibly affectionate. It is also an asset to have the puppies raised by a trainer before they are sent to your home. Walter already knew how to sit and he took less than a day to get potty trained. We only had 2 accidents in the house in the first week and none thereafter. Overall, this breed is a perfect mix of gentle/calm but smart individuals. I cannot recommend this breeder or this breed enough."         You can see, in Walter, the "Phantom" coloring coming out as it does in his Dad.



























"We grew and immediate genuine connection with the great people at Spirit Acres. Myself and my fiance had just purchased our first new home and starting our family with a new puppy. The search overwhelming but we found the breed perfect for us, Newfoundlander x Poodle. Upon first visit we fell in love with our little Bean the pups spend the first 12 weeks at home with mom which although waiting was torture we understood later that the important weeks being the last few to learn a few new lessons from mom and the rest of the litter.


Spirit Acres put an extraordinary amount of time and effort making sure the litter was extremely well taken care of. Lots of love and attention given to our little guy and it he was well worth the wait. Its been just over a year now and we couldn’t be happier, Beans is extremely well mannered moderate energy and loves to be near us at all times. Hes about 100Lbs now which is more than we anticipated but we love every pound !


Highly recommend working with the great people at Spirt Acres so much that another one of our family members has his little brother. Both Beans and Brutus happily play with each other regularly at our family gatherings."




"We could not have anticipated how much joy and laughter Holly would bring into our lives. Holly loves to snuggle, join us for everyday errands, and just participate in day to day life with us. Her energy level is perfect for us, able to match if we want a lazy day or to go hiking. She is so smart, with a side of sassy stubbornness, which fits our home perfectly! Spirit Acres was an amazing support not only in answering our many questions before hand, but has been a great support since bringing her home. We truly are not sure what we did before Holly came into our lives, and cannot picture them without her!" 



"This gorgeous young lady is Molly!!! She came to me at two months of age in January 2020. She is a gentle smart 63 pound fluff ball. Her poodle half is energetic, rambunctious & loves to zoom all over the yard. Her Newfoundland half balances that by cuddling, snoozing & snuggling with her cat Raymone. She has been a source of joy since arriving & a great companion during COVID. NO Newfie drooling, some shedding."




"Wordsworth is a show stopper. His wavy glossy hair is beautiful.  He is so intelligent. He does not mat, drool or shed.  He is on a raw diet and loves vegetables. He is perfect."  "...Wordsworth is an exceptionally good looking dog with a colorful personality. He is full of vigor, has a healthy appetite, has learned to open doors on his own without ever closing behind him. He is full of love and affection and is happily without neurosis or fearful quirks."  




New to the world of Frenchies, Nugget has made us fall in love with the loving nature of this special breed. The owners of Spirit Acres took the time with us to educate us on the breed and continue to be available whenever we need advice. We are so lucky that Nugget has the gently nature of her mother Haley and began her life in such a caring family home. Nugget brings us laughter and love everyday... and of course her bone!   


We got our first French Bulldog (Franklin) from Tracy and Lance. They were very inviting and really made franklins transition to our family easy! You can tell they really care about where there pups end up! Franklin is such a healthy boy and we love him so much Hopefully one day soon we can expand our Family again and surely Tracy and Lance will be involved again. Thank you sooo much! Adam and Eva











            Rio                          Dover                      Ben                         Murphy                         Brutus

                                 Nala                                  Jin                                      Olive

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